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Who Are We?

MEZZ Solutions is established in Shenzhen, CHINA where is the kitchen of electronic product development of the world.

We are a group of professionals who are specialists in product design, electronics and software design, app design, product and project management, supply chain and quality management.

Our Mission

is to make your idea turn into unique, innovative products. We offer you from A to Z, product and supply chain solutions.

We will be your eyes monitoring.
We will be your arms working.
We will be your legs running.

Using our services, we make sure that you will have 


You work with the optimized costs all the time. 
Thanks to our deep BOM analysis and enormous supply chain.


You work with top-notch factories, keeping your product on top of the market. 


We work as one of your team members, we own your project, we make detailed risk analysis in the beginning, take actions steps ahead and we deliver your product on time.


Whenever you need to turn your idea into a beautiful and an innovative product, we will help you from beginning to the end.

Click on each service to learn more! 

Access Everything Instantly

All the reports, documents we provide for you, won’t be lost in e-mails. Using our web interface, you will have access to all project files instantly, anywhere, anytime. You will know the status of your project without having to send an e-mail or call. You can add your comments too.

Easy to access,
Easy to read,
Easy to communicate.


What’s happening @ MEZZ? Check it out!   

Mezz Solutions - Nikola Tesla

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Our Happy Clients

Why not use our expertize to step ahead with your product? 

Our Team

Mert Bulut

Founder & CEO

Productizing your ideas has never been easier.

Wang Bin

Supply Chain Director

Right product starts with right supply chain.


Creative Director

There is no bad product, but only bad design.

Onur Esame

Business Development Director – Turkey Operations

Make your business smart along with your products.

Tom Wenping

Hardware Design

Right system design is the key to right product.


Software Design  

Your quality defines your brand

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Let us turn your ideas into beautiful, innovative products together.

Where are we?

Address: Digital Plaza, Shuma Building A201
Nanhai Road 1079, Nanshan District,
Shenzhen, CHINA

地址 : 广东省深圳市南山区南海大道1079号数码大厦A201优客广场

Mobile: +86 13603027297