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Smart Self-Cleaning Dog Potty

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You can control the Brilliant Pad Smart via your mobile app anywhere anytime. Brilliant Pad Smart includes the Wi-Fi connectivity that is connected to your home network and Brilliant Pad Cloud all the time. And through the Brilliant Pad Smar+ App, you can check the status of your pad, roll the pad, do all your personalized settings as you wish and even buy a new roll.

So how did we make it?

We clarified what is needed for a better, personalized, and smart Brilliant Pad. We listed out all the requirements and use cases. Then our engineering team started on the electronics and software and mechanical design.

We tried different positions for the IR and camera. Using 3D prototypes helped us to determine the final positions pretty fast.

Camera testing under different light conditions.

Our design team worked hard to provide a more beautiful product and a better user experience.

We love animals, we love dogs. We want to have one, but we are afraid that we cannot take care of them, we are working daytime in the office, sometimes we go out for a while. We don’t want to leave them at home, but sometimes we don’t have a choice.

Well now you can. Brilliant Pad CEO Alan Cook has been working on pet products for a long time and they have launched Brilliant Pad 1.0 Self Cleaning Dog Potty product which is very successful in the market. This new product created a big demand.

Now it was time to create the next generation. Therefore, Brilliant Pad partnered with Mezz Solutions to create a smarter way to control the dog potty anywhere anytime!

We call it Brilliant Pad Smar+! Connected, personalized and smart.

Testing the coverage of IR sensor.

Testing the IR sensor in early stages

After the prototype is ready, we worked with the factory to get it ready for mass production.

You don’t just give birth to a baby and let him grow up by himself. As we do! We not only designed the hardware and software but also managed each part of the project until the product goes to mass production.

Including quality control!


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